Seashore Events

Seizing the day in paradise!


About us

We are an event planning business based in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Though our office is situated on the main island, our service is offered on all three; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman. We are a company that strongly believes in taking action and seizing the moment. Most likely you have stumbled across our website, because you too, believe in the power of now and have decided to say YES to love or an occasion, ready to take action into planning the perfect day…CONGRATULATIONS!

As our name implies ‘seashore’, we are obsessed with romantic memories by the beach. Besides, who can resist breathtaking views of beautifully decorated cotton candy skies, reflected over crystal clear turquoise water and white sand beaches? But beyond that, our service is grounded in applied empathy. This means that we seek to see everything from your perspective in order to deliver an impactful experience that is uniquely created just for you.

Whether it’s an engagement, wedding or simply a dinner party, Seashore is here to actualize your dream, in french or english. Let us be your fairy godmother for that special occasion and start planning your highly anticipated day together, or let us do all the work.







Tel: +1 (345) 917-0105